Bone & Joint Health

Feel better with this powerful joint anti-inflammatory. Omega oils act like aspirin by decreasing serum levels of TNF-α an inflammatory cytokine. It also reduces IL-1 (interleukin 1) and il-6 (interleukin 6), two other pro-inflammation responses…..

Apply this powerful transdermal anti-inflammatory to any joint or wrinkle for total penetration…..

Every essential vitamin and trace mineral your bones need from organic sources. Activated with patterned bursts of ten systemic enzymes that further reduce inflammation…..

Applied transdermally in conjunction with oral calcium, progesterone can enhance bone mass…..


Supports bone mineral density. Formulated in two to one calcium magnesium ratio…..

Increasing muscle mass and bone density is impossible without GH. Aside from encouraging muscle growth HGH actively supports damaged cartilage restoration.

Extremely rich in concentrated muscle and cartilage supporting growth factors as well as growth factors critical to bone cell chondrocytes. Fortizel also reduces pro-inflammatory C reactive protein…..

Enzymatic Algorithm

Systemic enzymes therapy supports calcium absorption. They also effectively normalize the inflammatory response to ease joint discomfort.