Brain/Cognition Stimulators

Molecular Hydrogen water therapy has been proven to increase focus as it protects the brain against neurodegenerative changes induced by ageing and brain trauma…..

We call it “The Bomb” because a dab to the temples quickly boosts the entire array of essential aminos that elevate mental alertness…..

Dimethylaminoethanol breaks down into acetylcholine, our primary focus, memory, mental and physical energy neurotransmitter. DMAE is even more effective when taken in conjunction…..

An FDA registered homeopathic nasal protocol designed to instantly catalyze healthy neurotransmitter levels for increased focus…..

HGH is well known to support a more youthful brain function.

Ginko Biloba

Well known to support healthy circulation in the brain. Easily the most powerful ginkgo available in America 28.5 flavonglycosides…..

Long studied as a possible Alzheimer’s treatment, Idebenone supports enhanced mitochondrial function in the corpus callosum; the bridge to the right/left hemispheres…..

When applied to the temples, behind the ear, ceratoid artery (or any other pressure point) this liposomal cream instantly supports general cerebral mitochondrial function, especially at the corpus callosum: the bridge to right/left hemispheres of the…..

PQQ has been proven to induce the growth of new brain mitochondria at a minimum doses of 10 mg. Daily doses of 20 mg per day is standard for protracted benefit. PQQ also supports the prevention of neurodegenerative disorders in both animal and human studies. Increased blood flow to the brain is always beneficial, blood brings oxygen, but when oxygen molecules split off causing oxidation PQQ is there to resolve the issue.