Cellular Health

Easily passes through aged tough cell walls where it then scours cells and mitochondria for toxic free radicals at which time it turns them into safe, cell-hydrating H2O (water).

Highly concentrated organic colostrum extract that escalates large Y shaped antibodies produced by white blood cells that support the immune system. Stay healthy as you…..

Transdermally expresses hyaluronic acid are extraordinary carriers of nutrients into cells for restoration of all tissue including the eyes and bone…..

Cells pass through several complex stages as they develop and divide. S-Acetyl Glutathione devours oxides like hydrogen peroxide that would inhibit cell division and growth…..

Alphalipoic acid enters cells and rejuvenates mitochondria. ALA also binds with toxic mercury, iron and arsenic and is an excellent diabetes protocol…..


MSM reduces surface tension rendering aged, tough, inflexible cell walls permeable. This also allows water and nutrients to easily permeate and toxins to flush. Especially effective when administered with H2 molecular water. The manufacture of new healthy cells requires adequate MSM supplementation…..

Human cell replacement and integrity is totally dependent upon the availability of ample Human Growth Hormone, especially as we age…..

Contains all of the natural organic antioxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as 10 enzymes necessary for cell maintenance and remodeling…

Enzymatic Algorithm

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? A virus could be the blame. The proteolytic enzymes; bromelain,  papain,  pancreatin,  trypsin,  chymotrypsin, and  rutin, are drive a seven- to ten-fold increase in their “appetite” for the proteins that house bad virus. Enzyme Algorithm is an operative viral killers.

Children have boundless energy. Elderly people do not. Mitochondrial degradation is the difference. Scientific studies have definitively linked old, dysfunctional mitochondria to virtually all degenerative diseases including but not exclusive to: Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart failure, and cancer.