Water comprises seventy five of the weight of the normal stool. Ten percent less water can easily cause impaction leading to more detrimental water reabsorption. Feces become harder and more difficult and painful to pass. H2 water softens stools while simultaneously triggering billions of neurotransmitter receptor sites into healthy gut activity…..

Harvard Medical School has validated probiotics ability to soften stools and accelerate the gut passage period by up to twelve hours. HBC’s four billion “Probiotic Bugs” are protected by a patented jacket that protects them from hydrochloric acid expiration in the stomach.


Alkalinizes the gut as it eliminates parasites, candida while promoting easier fecal elimination. Supports gut wall rejuvenation. Also acts like flypaper to impurities in the blood…..

Serotonin plays a huge role in the repair and re-growth of gut microvilli which are the microscopic membranes that absorb nutrients as they push fecal matter forward through the gut…..

Enzymatic Algorithm

Regardless of the cause of your constipation, digestive enzymes keep things moving right along. Enzyme Algorithm goes to work in the mouth by increasing the digestive saliva enzyme called amylase. It then supplements the pancreatic secretion of:  trypsin  and  chymotrypsin,  which break down protein in the stomach. The process then moves on to the duodenum, the small intestine, where EA supplements the lipolytic enzymes which address fat. EA’s amylolytic enzymes also focus on carbohydrates.

This ultra-concentrated organic colostrum acts together with specific gut cell surface receptors to remodel gut microvilli rendering easier passage of fecal matter…..