Fortizel for Anti-Aging, Cellular Immunity, Digestive Health & More

Health Benefits of Fortizel™ For Older People: Not Just Athletes.

Fortizel™ is a extraordinary new health and well-being formulation which contains Augmentsodine™, a proprietary super concentrated colostrum extract that increases essential immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins* are large Y shaped protein antibodies produced by white blood cells that are used by the immune system.

Fortizel™ is anti-aging and cellular system fortifier that escalates cellular immunity as it proliferates the “secretory immunoglobulins” that defend mucus membranes in the lungs, throat, intestines for increased metabolic health, athletic performance, immune system strength, wellness and rejuvenation.

Fortizel™ contains Augmentsodine, an alkaloid, a group of nitro-organic compounds derived from plants that have a profound physiological influence on human protein structure and metabolism. This alkaloid activates insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) receptors. IGF-1 in turn activates the tyrosine kinaesis receptors and the integrin receptors, which then activates fat and sugar synthesis. Fortizel also motivates the hypothalamus to secrete more growth hormone releasing hormone in the pituitary.

Immunoglobulins are critical to our immune response because they identify and bind to pathogens like bacteria and viruses, supporting their destruction. Cells fortified with immunoglobulins are able to neutralize toxins and heal more efficiently.

The net result is a balanced and reinforced immune system. In short, microbial invaders are deactivated by a mob of super-energized killer white cells. With the destructive antigens out of the way damaged cells can heal faster leaving you with more energy and greater feelings of well-being. If you are actively engaged in an exercise program you should be prepared for more muscle mass, greater stamina as well as younger, smoother, shinier looking skin.

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