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The HCG diet.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is an FDA approved hormone shown to promote rapid weight loss by suppressing hunger as well as the desire to eat. A versatile hormone HCG has also been used to support fertility in both men and women. Body builders like it for its body contouring ability and professional athletes sometimes use it—illegally—for performance enhancement. The baseball slugger, Manny Ramirez was suspended for half of the 09 Dodgers season after being caught taking human chorionic gonadotropin. So effective was HCG for Manny that it upped his batting average and it turned him into a nicer teammate, something he’d not been accused of before. Fortunately no such legal restrictions apply to the average lay person using sublingual HCG. Anyone who has ever struggled with the weight gain/hunger loop of fad diets can now put HCG to work without a prescription.

How does HCG support your ability to losing weight?

Our bodies contain several different forms of fat: subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, white and brown fat. Some fats are actually good. Some are not. Brown fat is good fat. It is remarkably similar to muscle and actually burns fat. Thin people have more brown fat than heavier people. White fat can be good or bad depending on how much of it you have—and where?. If it accumulates in your thighs and you don’t want it there, well then it’s bad. Visceral fat is always bad fat. It wraps itself around our vital organs. People shaped like apples have too much visceral fat. Women shaped like pears have white fat. Sumo wrestlers have white subcutaneous fat. For all of their size they are not carrying visceral fat. Visceral is bad because it is molten and has easy access through portals to the liver through which it transports cancerous triglycerides. Visceral fat is also associated with cardio metabolic abnormalities, dementia and liver inflammation, even among non-alcohol consumers. Eliminating visceral fat is imperative to healthy living.

The good news is that with HCG support, visceral fat is the first to go. Drop your caloric intake to 500 calories per day and the HCG will instruct your body to release visceral fat reserves. Add in exercise and the fat losing process is expedited. You can’t just sit around eating ice-cream and chips while taking sublingual HCG drops and expect the fat to melt away. To achieve that result you will have to be committed to decimating your caloric intake. Fully committed! Or, don’t bother. Slash your caloric intake to 500 calories for 6 weeks and you will lose visceral—and white—fat. Don’t worry about the brown fat. Brown fat is good. Brown fat actually burns other forms of fat.

So, you ask yourself, “Why do I have to take HCG? Anyone could lose weight eating only 500 calories per day?” Because, HCG tells your body to aggressively plum your fat reserves for energy which exponentially depletes them. And, without HCG you would be miserable you would not stick to the diet. You would be hungry, and weak, and frustrated and angry and generally impossible to be around.

How does HCG mitigate hunger?

Our body is a modular system. It uses several different mechanisms to achieve a singular goal. Though hunger begins long before the stomach, (check; eyes, nose, habits . . . ) human chorionic gonadotropin is deeply rooted in our “satiety” triggers. It allows us to feel not just full but robust enough to not want to eat. By actively moving through our muscles, blood and gonads—our entire endocrine system—our bodies and minds are able to maintain life without hunger on a cellular level. While the HCG is instructing our body to feed off of our visceral supply of energy, the HGH, driven by RNA/DNA is putting this energy directly into our mitochondria where it becomes ATP and is burnt off. This threefold approach is enough to sustain our individual needs in any particular moment of any particular hour of the any particular day or night—without hunger.

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