Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural Progesterone cream

Progesterone deficiency may be caused by . .

1. An under active thyroid gland (Hypothyroidsm)
2. Ovarian dysfunction such as frequent menstruation without ovulation
3. An under active pituitary gland
4. Chronic stress
5. The aging process

Natural Progesterone Cream
In trans-dermal form yields 95% absorption rate

What is Progesterone?

It’s a well-known fact that when used properly, progesterone can enhance bone mass, bring relief from hot flashes, cramps, weight gain, cancer, and more. The key to that statement is, “When used properly.” As Natural Progesteroneis soy-derived, it has no known side effects (except for mild euphoria) therefore, one cannot overdose. (see hyperlink below)  Still, the standard approach to effective supplementation is to:

1. Use in sufficient quantity to make symptoms disappear

2. Use so that it doesn’t interfere with the normal shifts during the menstrual cycle*

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