OPC French Pine Bark/Grape seed

Masquelier’s OPC Pine Bark, Grape Seed Extract

Not to be confused with pedestrian grape seed and pine bark extracts (Which are non specific names and have no patents), Masquelier’s® OPC is derived from French maritime pine bark as well as vitis venisera (grape seed) which contains different monomers; catechins, and epicatechins–a momimer unique to venis venisera grape seed, where as in pine bark you have catechins and taxifolin–a monomer unique to opc’s extracted from maritime pine bark.


Completely dissolvable in water, Masquelier’s® OPC is an isolate of living molecules and is the only extract from grape seed/pine bark validated by the French Ministry of Health. No other extract of grape seed and or pine bark has been so thoroughly studied, tested, and proven in clinical trials.

The health benefits of the essence that which lives in the skin surrounding the grape seed (the very thin membrane or skin surrounding the grape seed itself–Oligomeric proantho-cyanidins pronounced “Sigh-an-ah-dins”) are so numerous and significant, that one who enumerates them runs the risk of sounding hyperbolic. Here is a brief list of what Masquelier’s® OPC can do:

Improve skin elasticity by enhancing the ability of collagen to repair itself.
◦ Protects existing collagen stored in connective tissue and promote the production of collagen protein in the vascular wall, increasing the strength and elasticity of blood vessels, protecting the entire circulatory system against rupture, leakage, and degenerative process.
◦ Relieves functional problems of varicose veins
◦ Help prevent capillary bleeding
◦ Lowers LDL cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
◦ Reduces the tendency toward diabetic retinopathy (leaky damaged blood vessels in the retina)
◦ Improves red-blood-cell-membrane flexibility
◦ Inhibits swelling (edema) and inflammation
◦ Free radical scavenging

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