Sceletium Tortuosum Sublingual

Highly relaxing sublingual Sceletium Tortuosum formulation featuring the following cofactors:

Sceletium Tortuosum 1X/2X/3X From raw sceletium. Quickly calms your emotional response to anxiety via PDE4 and SSRI enabling alkaloids. 

Serotonin 12X Serotonin is a feel-good neurotransmitter. Its effect is inhibitory. For this reason it mitigates appetite and depression as it contributes to feelings of wellbeing. Serotonin is also a mild analgesic. 

Dopamine 12X Dopamine helps regulate movement and emotional responses while imparting a sense of clarity and alertness in the present moment. Dopamine teases the brain’s reward and pleasure centers helping us experience a sense of anticipation by taking action toward rewards. Individuals with low dopamine (possibly due to genetics or trauma) often engage in high risk/reward behaviors like smoking and gambling as nicotine releases dopamine. That includes “vaping” nicotine based E-cigarettes. 

Lithium Carbonicum 6X Lithium carbonicum (LI2CO3) has demonstrated efficacy in addressing cerebral tension issues that induce throbbing, faint states and ringing in the ears. It is also a well- known guard against volatile behavior, mania and depression. 

GABA 6X GABA is a calming inhibitory neurotransmitter. When GABA levels are low it is almost impossible to stop worrying thoughts from dominating, even overwhelming, your mind. Even ordinary stresses and worries can be hard to manage. One may also experience free floating anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, headaches, fibromyalgia, and carbohydrate cravings. 

Acetylcholine 6X/12X Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter with a wide range of applications within the central and peripheral nervous systems. It is involved with regulating focus, arousal, learning and memory. It is also a critical component of all muscle movement. 

Kali phos.1X/2X/3X/6X Often proscribed for sluggishness caused by depression. Kali Phos supports intellectual faculties, impaired thinking, insecurity, uncertainty, fear and anxiety—shyness and/or an indisposition to interfacing with others. This cell mineral is useful in cases of hysteria, night terror and somnambulance (AKA sleepwalking). 

Phosphorous 6X Addresses sadness with a forbidding sense of calamity; melancholy accompanied by vehement weeping, anxiety uneasiness and distress, fearfulness and restlessness attended by palpitations, great excitability especially when thinking of ill- fortune in the past, hypersensitivity, spasmodic laughter. Low phosphorous is believed to be a cause of indifference to ordinary feelings of shame or affection often accompanies by an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance. 

Ginkgo 3X From available research, ginkgo offers benefit to people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as it enhances cerebral circulation. 

All B vitamins 1X/2X/3X Studies indicate that individuals with panic disorder, OCD and depression require the B vitamin inositol. Vitamin B1 impacts anxiety. Vitamin B3 is involved in many enzymatic processes and plays a key role in serotonin synthesis which also impacts anxiety. Vitamin B5 is very important for the adrenals and therefore helps with modulating stress. Folic acid and vitamin B12 are important for depression. They also support heart health, which is important if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, which stress the heart. 

Selenium 6X Data suggests that lower dietary selenium intakes are associated with increased risk factors for depression. Hence, low levels (check: homeopathic 6X) of selenium is an excellent way to prophylactically manage depression.

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