Skin Rejuvenation


New A double blind gene marker study confirmed the effects of oral methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) on the expression of ninety two genes attendant with optimal skin function. Conclusion: Oral MSM mitigates wrinkles as it improves skin texture…..

Dissolved in 16 ounces of water. No substance in the known universe passes through old crusty cell walls like Acqua H2 hydrogen fused water. Once inside the cell H2 immediately seeks out toxic free radical oxygen (O) molecules, hooks up with them and creates pure H2O (water) for total cell hydration and mitochondrial rejuvenation…..

Fifty percent of our hyaluronic acid originates in our skin. HBC’s transdermal hyaluronic acid is expressed directly into skin cells via advanced liposomal spheres for ultra-hydration. Penetrates all the way down to cushion bones and joints…..

Originally developed for diabetics this seminal growth factor serum is now used almost exclusively to remodel collagen, surface blood sources and glycosaminoglycans for a youthful healthy appearance…

Human growth hormone in a safe sublingual form supported by RNA/DNA on of the fundamental components of skin cell replication.

Enzymatic Algorithm

Systemic and digestive enzymes breakdown the vital nutrients that feed healthy hair, glowing skin, accelerate wound healing. They also breakdown scar tissue.

Studies on human skin and connective tissue cultures found that low PQQ leads to a loss of elasticity and tissue health. Gut diverticulitis, a leading cause of hemorrhage was also improved by PQQ.  A positive effect on connective tissue health was noted during PQQ supplementation.