Oh, I know that last time I chatted with someone, I told them that I have been giving my adult son who has autism your Sceletium Tortuosum II. I have been able to cut his dosage of Invega in half because of your product. Look up Invega and you will see why I am so pleased. Thank you!
Thank you, I love your products and will continue loving them as the brain waves start flowing.
Julian B
Fort Bragg, California
Hi there, I ordered about 2 weeks ago. My order arrives 3 days after I ordered and I live in eastern Oregon. Thank so much for your professionalism. It means a lot to people like me in rural areas.
Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for all that coaching on the phone about how to successfully use the ultra patches. Although I generally follow directions pretty well, sometimes I overdo it and think if I use something five days a week, then using it seven days a week must be better. If I hadn’t listened to you I am sure I would not be getting the full benefit of the Ultra Patches that I’m getting now.

Let me start from the beginning. I think your ultra patches work great. For the past few years following back surgery, I’ve had some back and leg pain after exercise and so I no longer continued to do regular exercise every day. I gained some weight as a result of this which made it even more difficult to exercise no matter how much I wanted to. When I started on the patches I was very careful not to use them more than the recommended five days a week followed by the two days off and at the end of the month take a complete five days off before continuing them again. This way when I use them, the patches never fail to work for me because I have not build up an excess of the hgh in my body and don’t an allergic reaction to it, which makes your body need more and more of it to work. Used correctly the recommended dosage works beautifully every time.

It has done wonders for me physically and psychologically. My self esteem is back and I look forward to the challenge of taking walks every day and other forms of physical exercise as well. It seems to work best for me if I cut the patches up and apply them where I am the most sore after walking. Then I remove them at night, get a good nights rest and reuse them the following day. If necessary I can always use 3 M tape over them which keeps them in place quite nicely. Anyway, thanks again.
New Mexico
I just wanted to say that your customer service department is wonderful especially on a FRIDAY!!!! By the way I have promoted one of your employees so please go ahead and make that effective. Jeff was kind enough to worry and make sure your product was taken in an appropriate fashion. Thanks for hiring great people!
Lisa W.
Ames, Iowa
Regarding your Thea-Zen. We have carried out a scientific study of your product in Pakistan, by highly respected Psychiatrist (Prof. Haroon Rasheed Chaudhry) of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. See link for details of study, which shows excellent results of product. Scientific Study Thea-Zen
M. Ahmad Darsons Healthcare Ichhra Lahore
I have been taking st johns wort for several weeks now and I’m pleased to report they are working for me! I am so glad that I decided to use your company as I feel confident that yours are the best! I have a question and I wondered if you could kindly answer this. I take 3 tablets a day and I spread them out – morning, lunchtime and evening. Do I really have to do this? Can I take them all in one go? How is it done in the clinical trials as I suppose that is what I should follow?
To whom it may concern,
A letter carrier for the USPS I had incurred a severe accident (knocked off my feet) which left me with a severed ligament in the left arch of my foot. Many different doctors had me on painkillers for 2 to 3 years. Finally i had the good fortune to become a patient of and surgery by the world renowned orthopedic surgeon DR Mark Mierson, director of the orthopedic department of Mercy hospital in Baltimore City. This enabled me to walk again with much mitigation of pan.

Ten years later, after pain had returned to both free, (I was then 55 years old) x rays by Dr Miersons associate showed that bones were rubbing against other bones in the foot due to the lack of calcium and synovial lubrication–85% absent) and he offered the possibility of more surgery to fuse said bones. I was in a lot of pain, but had I done so, I would have lost lateral movement and I didn’t want to walk like Frankenstein.

Based on the recommendation of my brother and sister in law, I took HBC Protocols Joint Support for the arthritis in my feet and knee (85%no cartilage in each foot) after 6 months I experienced a noticeable improvement in that the pain had subsided substantially and was able to walk further and do much more activity wise. Later it was recommended that I try MSM for its additional benefits. (I have always had good hair and skin but soft nails) as it worked synergistically with the Joint Support. It took about 6 months but now I am taking just the MSM, 4 grams every day, and the pain has subsided substantially, 50 to 60% which is a blessing, believe me. I love this product.
Thank you HBC!
Joe Dobry
Westminster, MD
I talked with you several weeks ago and you recommended I take 5htp and dmae. I have been taking these two for several weeks now, and WOW, what a difference!! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Now I need some more 5htp. Can I order that through you again, or should I just go online and place an order on the website?
Cape Coral, Florida
To HBC Protocols:
My name is Sylvia. In February 2005 I experienced a traumatic incident by being carjacked and sexually assaulted at gun point. Within a few days, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ensued and has since been my experience. I am fortunate that after seven months, my recurring nightmares and flashbacks did cease. Unfortunately, however, I have continued to experience panic attacks.

Not wanting to pursue relief via medical prescriptions, I began investing many, many hours (by now, probably hundreds of hours) into reading about physiology, treatments, and natural supplements which could help alleviate my panic attacks and related severe depression. I simply did not want to go the typical route of dealing with my situations.

I soon began trying to raise my serotonin with some specific amino acid therapy formulas. Due to extreme nausea that I would encounter from greatly depleted serotonin, it took me approximately nine months to build up to a beneficial daily dosage of 300mg of the 5-HTP. (I was unaware at the time of your company’s transdermal 5-HTP cream.)

After three weeks of the amino acid therapy (mid-February 2006), I decided to have my neurotransmitter levels tested. My serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels tested within the suboptimal category–which means, they’re not normal and they’re now not dangerously low. However, my epinephrine level showed to be at an 80% deficit.

In order to illustrate that deficit, imagine having only one quart of oil in an engine that normally requires five quarts of oil. It won’t be long before the engine will begin to smoke and cease to function. Without sufficient intervention, a breakdown is inevitable.

I have been impacted in three major ways, as a result of the greatly depleted epinephrine levels: very, very low energy; greatly diminished stress management; and anger hypersensitivity. I am normally not given to anger. In a non-PTSD state, I usually am quite calm, even in very intense situations. However, since the incident, that’s not been the case.

So, in desperation, somehow, I found your website and products. And, in continued desperation, I ordered the Symmetry nasal spray.

I received the product on a Monday morning. By noon, I had a panic attack. Up until using the Symmetry, I had never been able to return to a calm state (once an attack ensued) in less than an hour. In fact, an hour for my panic attack recovery time has been a short duration–in comparison to some of my more intense attacks.

When the attack began that Monday, I just returned from my lunch break. As soon as I parked my vehicle, the attack began with an normal fury. Because of the physical effects from the attack, I required approximately two minutes to walk less than fifty feet (to my desk). Once at my desk, I pulled the Symmetry out of a drawer and immediately administered a total of four sprays (two per nostril). My results: within five minutes, my nerves had calmed dramatically; within ten minutes, I was symptom-free. Several times since, I have experienced similar results in what I call “anger flares,” with being able to calm down within only a few minutes of taking the Symmetry. And, on one very long and difficult night, the Symmetry helped me in preventing self-termination (suicide).

I have not retained my receipts on all of the products I have tested, in the effort to improve concerning my PTSD symptomology. However, I am sure a conservative amount would be $2,000-$3,000. My only regret concerning Symmetry is that I did not know about it much, much sooner.
Sylvia Beggs
Good morning, and thank you for your wonderful website.

After experimenting, I’ve found that SAMe is absolutely THE BEST for me, in combo with 5HTP (for appetite control it’s working GREAT!) and DMAE. At first, I thought the DMAE was not going to work, but thanks to your advice, I started on a much lower dosage and have grown to really appreciate what it does for me. I was on prescription meds and its so good to feel un-numb.

SAMe is kind of expensive, but “Who cares!” Also, please put me back on continuity for DMAE. I’m going to take one 500mg tablet daily. Please maintain the continuity for SAMe and 5HTP. This regime is soooooo much better than prescription antidepressants! Oh, I do have a question: Is it OK to take DMAE and Omega-3 fish oil?

I shared a dose of DMAE with a co-worker today, since he was curious about what it was doing for me. He’s basically in the same boat as I am with life-long depression. Both of us early on in life took to self-medicating with alcohol and some other stuff that we of the hippie generation used to “experiment” with in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and… and then wised up and cleaned up but still had the depression problem (and he had ADHD on top of that). Anyway, he’s been jovially making fun of me for trying OTC “nuts and twigs” instead of prescription meds and telling me that “any placebo will work if you want it to”. So, he tried a dose of DMAE out of curiosity. About 4 hours later, he came back and asked for the brochure on your company, which I was glad to share with him, and he also asked if he could borrow a few DMAE doses for the weekend until he could get a supply of his own. He said he’d been so productive and focused for the past three hours that he couldn’t believe it. “Nuts and twigs” indeed. LOL!

Thanks for your help and advice!!!
After dealing with HBC for a few different issues, I had to write this letter to show my appreciation to a company as good as HBC is.

I have suffered with depression for quite some time now. I always felt tired and moody and it never occured to me that I could be depressed. Facing each day was a challenge, and normal things like attending school seemed like an unreasonable chore. I began to look online at different things, and I came to the conclusion that I may be depressed.

After reaching this conclusion, I saw what the side effects of the RX meds were, and made a decision right then and there, that I would try everything I could that was natural, first, before advancing to the MAOI’s, SSRI’s, etc. I read about St. Johns Wort and decided to try it. I purchased a bottle and then found Clarocet. It sounded better so I purchased a bottle.

It was at this time, I spoke to the wonderful people on the live help line who informed me that what I was holding was a bunch of garbage compared to the wonderful, high-quality, standardized formula HBC offered. I immediately returned both bottles and purchased a bottle of HBC Hypericum Perforatum II.

I started taking it, and slowly saw a very weak change. I then spoke to Jared (who is wonderful!!!) who informed me that I could take 5-HTP with it, and it would help the ramp up to relief. I purchased a bottle and took both together.

WOW! What a difference. Literally within 3 days, I could see a HUGE difference. Life had a new meaning. I woke up in the morning happy, ready to face the day. The day seemed easier to get through, because the sun was shining, and I was able to enjoy it. I was no longer stuck in this one stage of my life, watching everything speed by. My appetite was more stable, I could sleep better, I enjoyed my family more, my mood swings lessened dramatically.

I slowly optimized those results by adding things like DMAE, B-Vitamins, etc. To get where I am now.

I feel like a new person, and it’s all thanks to HBC Protocols.

Justin H.
Thank you for the daily reminders. I greatly appreciate the helpful service. Your products are excellent, as well. Best wishes,
Please send me more of the ultra potent seals. I have been applying the hgh patch on the right side of my face because the skin is just not as taught. It is under the right eye. This seems to help a lot. At first I thought it was the adhesive in the patch so I tried scotch tape but that wasn’t it. it was not the same result. I wear them when I sleep. I get two days out of a patch.
Betsy N. Gretna
Both of my hips were so bad I couldn’t stand or walk or sit. I was constantly in pain. I couldn’t even bend down. Had a hard time carrying my purse. I could only shop in places where I had a shopping cart to lean on . I was in excruciating pain. My friend Vicki told me about your joint support. You all recommended I take the Omega with the JS. One week later 85% of the pain went away! I can definitely do my daily chores like vacuuming. I live on 5 acres so I need to walk a lot, I just couldn’t do it before but now I can.
Thanks for the sample of Confidence Rx. I just ordered some. I really enjoyed that extra drive it gave me. Hopefully, it makes it here by my birthday, next weekend. I’m going to need it !!!!! I’ve tried other products before, horny goat weed . . . only to experience that speeded up, heart rushing effect. This product had none of that. And the HGH patches really burned all the fat off, while I was in Africa, and since I’ve got back. Everybody commented on how much body fat (specially around the stomach) I lost. Thanks again !
Hawthorne, CA
HI Jeff! Found out how sensitive I am to the Idebenone cream. I remember now your telling me how powerful it is. Wow! Now I use a little every AM. Here are some snaps of my latest ballroom competition. Thanks again,
Dorothy R
Hi Jeff, I find hbc 5 HTP the most effective I have tried. 5 HTP is a must product for me for building serotonin. Without it, there is a huge difference in my mood. I never let myself run out of this product.
Dear HBC,
Wow! Your St. John’s Wort nasal spray really rocks! Thanks! I do not have clinical depression but with all the doom and gloom of the economy in which the media is constantly bombarding my head (and heart) with, I felt it might be a good time to give it a try, you know, to keep my moral up. I initially split a bottle with an office friend. Together our energy and positive outlook was greatly enhanced! We were quite surprised at how fast it worked (immediately got the giggles). It feels great!!! Don’t know how long this little bottle will last sharing it with my girlfriend, but that’s a whole other issue. Anyway, thanks again. Now if congress will only get behind Obama’s stimulus package . . . . Is that asking too much? Sincerely,
Sandra R.
Los Angeles, CA
My wife and I love what the Confidence RX does to my libido and ability to perform. Thanks for a wonderful product. I have tried many others but yours is the only one that works for me.
To whom it may concern,
I just got back from the doctor with my 94 year old mother. Her doctor told me that she doesn’t have any more pressure in her eyes. He didn’t ask what she was taking. (Your Invision with Lutine) but I thought I’d let you know.
Thanks Again,
Kathryn Blackburn
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I’m just about to leave this morning and the package arrived! Thank you so very much. I really do appreciate your efforts, help. Obviously you did go the extra mile for me and I’m very grateful to you.
Carla Wills-Brandon
Hello Chris,
Thanks for ensuring I received my Idebenone on time! It is critical for me to have it for my eye condition: LHON (Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy).
Manhattan Beach, CA
Dear HBC,
I recently lost my son to a motorcycle accident causing sleeplessness and tremendous anxiety. This Sceletium supplement has been a God send in terms of helping with the depression and anxiety I have been feeling. I thank you so much.
Encino, CA
Dear HBC, My wife is a Leber’s sufferer. One of the rare women to have the disease. She apparently inherited it from her mother. That said, i am very pleased to report that the idebenone cream around her eyes backed up with the tablets is helping her to see again. It hasn’t cured her but she can see better. Also, my nephew, a Leber’s sufferer, has been using idebenone and is actually able to drive again! I am going to try the mitochondrial cocktail your customer service suggested on the phone. Thank you so much.
Jerry O.
Venice, FL
I received the samples you sent in the mail. I want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to try these out complimetary! I appreciate your generosity and am looking forward to positive results and feeling better so that I can become the person I used to be and enjoy life again.
David W.
Long Island, NY
Jared – As ever, thanks for your courtesy and professionalism. The pkg. arrived in yesterday’s post, and I’ve re-posted it, unopened today at your request. ‘Sorry for the hint of impatience on the phone yesterday, but…. We can’t live without your products and will continue to be loyal, word-spreading customers. Your customer service efforts over the years have been exemplary.
Lanny C
I am a redhead with pale skin. I burn very easily. I ride my horse and walk my dogs and practically live outside in the strong Southern California sun. Your Ultra transdermal moisturizer/sunscreen IS THE BEST SUNBLOCK I HAVE EVER USED! It goes on light and non greasy and one application lasts an entire day!!! I don’t know what spf it is, but it is truly spectacular. Occasionally I have had problems with deliveries (new batch/new labels…) and have had to call and complain… Your customer service representative, William, is a true asset to your company. He is friendly, informative,professional and always manages to be polite and reassuring even when I am frustrated! Give him a raise! Sincerely, Helen
Helen M
West Hollywood, CA
Hi there!
I just placed my third order with HBC……obviously I think your products are remarkable. I’ve taken vitamins etc forever but the products from HBC really seem to *work* amazingly well!

Anyway…thank you for sending me the Lemon facial Cleanser with a prior order!!!! I really like it a lot. I had also ordered the copper serum which I think is quite effective. In the order I placed yesterday I order the DHEA skin cream. I am curious…at night when using the products…do you use the serum and the cream on top of it or the other way around?

I am quite impressed…I had always used high end facial cleansers, creams, etc and Dr Perricone products……I think your products are better and they are less expensive…..a great combo!

I do think that HBC should offer samples of the skin products!!!!! : )

Please let me know about the order of the serum & cream.

BTW……my husband used to take Prozac a while back and hated it and has been taking your St John’s Wort and the Spray and they are terrific. We also ordered the HTP this time.

Thanks Alana!
Wendy E.
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
Dear HBC,

My Mom lost her husband, my step-dad, on Christmas day at 5 pm and basically she just wouldn’t leave the house, couldn’t sleep, and when she could she woke up tired. Her doctor put her on Prozac and then Zoloft. The Prozac lasted a week. She had to go off of it because she felt like her blood was boiling and had a dry mouth. The Zoloft just didn’t work. Desperate for a solution, she went on store bought St. John’s wort which was pretty good. A start. I did some research and put her on your regular formulation which helped her about 85%. I then switched her to the formulation with B vitamins which was a perfect fix. I am happy to say that one year later she has gone off the SJW and after 10 days is doing great. Thanks for everything.
Steve H.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dear HBC:

Normally I do not write letters but in this case, I just had to. A few months ago I started using your products.

I was in a very bad state of depression and I was in this hole I couldn’t get out of. I tried so hard, and it just was not going away on its own. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor for anti-depressants, which I was very nervous about. I researched the most popular and I was really really sad about having to take that route. I am an avid runner and I was really concerned about what that would do to my running and general outlook. I also am the single mother of 2 small children and even more important than my running I felt constantly on edge and irritable with them. My brain always felt “foggy” and I couldn’t really focus – on anything! I was feeling horrible about everything.

One night it was really bad and I remembered being in a pharmacy once and over hearing a woman telling the pharmacist she was really worked and she said it worked better than her Prozac and she hated Prozac. Even though that was 15 years ago, I always remembered that conversation.

To make a long story short, that night I somehow found your site. After reading everything on the site, I decided to try YOU first before I went to a doctor. I started with the St Johns Wort, Griffonia, and DMAE. I thought that the investment was small enough, if it didn’t work I didn’t lose anything.

I received my supplements, and in my head I wasn’t expecting anything for 6-8 weeks. So I took them religiously, and less than two weeks later I realized I was feeling GREAT. I didn’t even put two and two together. I told my friend that day “Wow I feel so good today!

I wish I felt like this every day” and she asked if she thought it was the supplements. Because it was so “quick” I remember thinking WOW That worked FAST. I have now added Keto DHEA to my daily doses. The most important thing that has changed is I am not even a little irritable anymore. I am more calm than I ever have been in my entire life. The best compliment I have ever had was overhearing my 10 year old niece and my 6 year old daughter talking about me and she said “Your mom never yells!” My kids can totally tell a difference with me. Things just do not bother me like they used to, I just feel 200 percent better.

I am so grateful for your products and how they changed my life. I know that sounds so crazy, but its true. I feel like “Im on track” and I feel “focused”. The “fog” is gone. Thank you thank you thank you.
Bloomington, NY
Hi, I am an amateur pool player and I find that the Thea-Zen really helps me to stay calm So much so that I got to the top of a state tournament (top 16 of over 400 players) I was in the money! Thanks,
Wow! Got my first order of St John’s Wort and Griffonia in record time! Thank you! Looking forward to emotional wellness without prescription antidepressants!
Linda L.
I cannot say thank you enough for all you are doing. You know what?

Companies like your will reshape the way people do business; I am dealing with a far away company, and all my problems are being solved easier than if I had to talk to a pharmacy down the street here.

The day will come when the companies with the best services will own the Internet. And you will certainly be among the leaders.


You can add this comment to the testimonials on your site.
Luiz Da Silva
San Juan, Puerto Rico
To Whom it May Concern,
I don’t know how I found you, it was probably some search engine for lithium. I saw something about lithium orotate with no side effects. Let me also say that it was pretty bad time in my life and my wife was about to leave me. I ordered a bottle of Symmetry and immediately started feeling better. So, I placed another order for 4 bottles and started taking it daily. After 3 months I asked my wife again and she said “Yeah, your better.” So, here we are! Thank you.
Charlie K.
Houston, Texas
As a long term user of your brand of St Johns Wort for, what I presume is mild constitutional depression ( as opposed to a depression with identifiable external cause ), I am happy to report I no longer suffer from this painful condition. I became aware of a general improvement in mood and energy some four to six weeks into the treatment at the standard dose of one tablet three times daily. I have experienced no untoward side effects during some eight years of use, nor did I notice a decrease in effectiveness. As a physician I was unwilling to consider such “natural” remedy until a friend has shown me the appropriate literature, having read it I decided to try – I am glad I did. I hasten to add the medication is not recommended for severe, possible suicidal, depression.
Unfortunately I am disabled . . . most hgh products I have tried are bs, I tried the pills and sprays, your product is the real thing. Thanks for your help.
Mark M.
Hicksville, NY
Dear HBC, I wanted to thank you for your product. I recently purchased Hypericum Perforatmum II due to a moderate depression. I no longer feel like everything in my life is wrong, and that I am a victim to any of it. I no longer have intense mood swings, I have started working out at the gym and feeling able to maintain my program there, I start back to school in the fall to finish my bachelor’s degree I started when I was 18. (I am now 38), and I am finally happy for the most part in my relationship. I would have never had the energy, focus, or determination to do any of this without St John’s Wart. I did not want to go on any pills prescribed by a doctor, as I did not want the side effects. This product has changed my life. Thank you so much for your informational website.
Atlanta, Georgia
I started taking HBC Protocol’s St. John’s Wort back in 1997 after I saw the 60 minutes show with Dr. Johnson and Barbara Walters. 1. It helped me to loose 50 pounds. I felt so much better that I was able to start walking. 2. I went off all of the other meds. (just about every one on the market) because the side effects were horrific. I was chocking on my tongue with seizures. St. John’s has been a God send. Thanks!
Pembroke Pines, Florida
Four years ago I searched St. John’s Wort, and I found a link to this site. Which was one of the best things in my life to just fall on my lap. I started to talk to Jeff, aka “The Book” to my friends, and he increased my knowledge dramatically. Customer service at this place has been awesome.

Now the quality of any of these products by far has blown everything I’ve tried out of the water. And for the herb/vitamin realm, brand is everything. If I ran out, didn’t have enough cash, got something half decent at the health food store. It helped, but when I would re-up from HBC, I was just reminded of why I didn’t buy anything else to begin with. And this has gone for any product I’ve tried.

With the help of the Jeff and such fine products, I went from an insanely depressed person, to someone who could function and who took control over his life. For the first time.

Jeff payed me 20 bucks to say all this, but it’s all true. Haha.. Jeff you can take that last part out. But that’s my testimony… as biased as it seems almost. Is completely true. Thanks for the all help over these years.

Cya Jeff
Anthony C.
Quakertown, PA
Hi HBC, I must say I am pretty impressed with HBC; the products that I have bought have been excellent quality at an excellent price. What’s also impressive is how easy it is to buy stuff from your company from the UK. I find a lot of American supplement companies aren’t interested or slap on so much extra charge, and complicated procedure, as to make it not worthwhile. With your company, I just click a button and pay the same price as everyone else – it’s so simple and easy. Also, other American companies often don’t reply to emails where your company were quick and helpful. You deserve to prosper.
Kevin B
United Kingdom
I have been taking Sleep for 4 weeks now. I have replaced the Clonazipam my doctor prescribed with it. One pill before bedtime and I sleep 7 or 8 hours. I’ve tried every combination of herb: Valerian Root, Passion Flower . . . nothing keeps me asleep. This formulation works particularly well for me. Thanks.
Ted Moss
Cleveland, TN
Hi Jeff;

Yes, please send the HGH patches to 7xx Axxxx Dr.

Thank you so much for always having time for me when I call. You take the time to explain everything in detail and you make complicated info straight forward and practical. I really appreciate your efforts and always going to extra mile for me Jeff. I know that is your character to just be thorough honest genuine and always with your great sense of humour. You never seem to tire of me asking you the same question or needing details about every product. I always look forward to talking to you and learning and laughing at the same time. You are a gem. Jeff your efforts for me don’t go unnoticed.. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Ontario, Canada
Hi Jeff, As a physician diagnosed with so called Bipolar Disorder, a chemical imbalance in the brain more scientifically called Brain Biochemical Uniqueness, I have found SYMMETRY extremely useful as I slowly transition from toxic pharmaceutical drugs to more natural biochemical supplements. Symmetry combines Lithium Orotate, GABA and Albumin allowing for a synergistic in a homeopathic nasal spray formulation. This allows one to obtain rapid non-toxic levels which in combination with other natural biochemical supplements can lead to mood stabilization as well as improved cognitive function. Lithium Orotate is much safer than pharmaceutical Lithium Carbonate as Lithium Orotate is active in the central nervous system allowing one to avoid the peripheral side effects such as weight gain, tremor, edema (swelling), impaired cognitive function and many other horrific side effects so common with Lithium Carbonate. Take care,
Dr. Paul V
I am extremely happy with the exceptional service I have received, along with the telephone call explaining the effects of the Symmetry Natural Lithium Spray. I am feeling much better and trying to decide which mixture works best for me.
Thanks again!
Lee Ann S.
Purchased OPC for my Daughter Monica Chalfant and she loves it and it really is helping her leg with the edema. She says her overall health has improved. Am trying it for me and my husband. thank you for making such a good product.
Elizabeth C.
I am 55 years old and have been working out in the gym for 30 years. My shoulder recently got totally screwed up. I can’t lift it. I can’t sleep. The pain was in my deltoid. These 9999ng patches are incredible. They suck the pain right out of it! Send more!
Aaron Regan
Redding, California
Hi, Just a quick note to say that we are extremely happy with these tablets…..they are now known as my hubby’s ‘Happy Tabs’!!
S. Dodt
Queensland, Australia
Thank you Chris for our discussion the other day. About a week ago we spoke at length. My daughter had a rough mania experience before we received this spray. Anyway, she is on track to recovery and we will use this product to see if it helps maintain mood, etc.

I appreciate your help. Thanks again.
Fairfax, Virginia
Dear HBC,
Thank you for all of your help. As you well know my son has had Leber’s since he was 15 years old and I am elated to report that he can now see my face! The only difference is your idebenone three times per day. He is even planning to move in with his girlfriend.
Deborah E.
Little Rock, AZ
Dear HBC,
Many thanks once more for your help with Sceletium Tortuosum. My wife and I have both been taking them and have certainly felt the benefits.
Martin Hum